Sharks are an indispensable link in the marine ecosystem, who’s existence is threatened on a global scale as a result of human actions. We can assure the conservation of these species for the future.

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Your Excellency,

All throughout history sharks have been living in our seas as guardians of the oceans. In the past decades their numbers have diminished due to irresponsible human behavior and we now face the risk of actually losing these magnificent animals. Sharks have a particularly slow reproduction rate, making them especially susceptible to overfishing. Recent studies show that one in four shark species is threatened with extinction, whilst in some species over 90% of the population has disappeared.

We call on you to safeguard sharks and rays in our waters against overexploitation and finning practices. Both the waters of the Dutch Caribbean and the North Sea are home to a wide range of shark and ray species that play a vital role in maintaining the health of the ecosystem.
To effectively protect these vulnerable creatures we ask you to:

• Ban shark finning in all Dutch Caribbean waters and restrict the sale and export of shark fins and other shark products;

• Implement protective management measures for all shark and ray species in the waters of the Kingdom of the Netherlands;

• Advocate cross border management of shark species in the wider Caribbean region by adding vulnerable and threatened shark and ray species to the SPAW protocol.

Your leadership is key to conserving the sharks of our kingdom for the future.


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  • Shark species

    The seas around Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius are home to some iconic shark species, such as hammerheads and tiger sharks. The Caribbean Sea offers them bountiful  habitat full of nursery areas and food sources.

  • Take action

    The Save Our Sharks campaign aims to protect Dutch Caribbean sharks. In cooperation with islanders, divers, scientists and local fishermen we will work to find fitting solutions that can lead to effective protection. And for this, your help is needed. By signing our petition you can help Save Our Sharks.

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