Dutch Caribbean Shark Week 2016

During Dutch Caribbean Shark Week that was scheduled from June 18th thru 26th, the entire Dutch Kingdom celebrated the beauty and importance of sharks. Throughout the week, various educational and interactive activities for all ages were organized, simultaneously in the Netherlands, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten. As the official Save Our Sharks ambassadors, […] Lees verder

A Makubekèn about sharks

On Bonaire, the April edition of the quarterly paper Makubekèn is out and this time, it is all about sharks! The new issue contains numerous local news stories, editorials, fun shark games, and looks back to last year’s Bonaire Shark Week. Makubekèn is an old Papiamento word meaning announcement in English. In the old days […] Lees verder

Caribbean camera research

One of the research objectives around the Dutch Caribbean islands is to figure out how sharks move around, and for what purposes they use the area. And equally urgent is to officially determine what species actually occur around the islands. Because of the lacking historical data on the diversity, and relative abundance of species, there […] Lees verder