• Manta Ray Design Beach Bag


    Sharks and Rays are beautiful creatures. Elegant, gracious, majestic and strong. I wanted to capture their movement in and out of the water in graphic illustrations to show the world all the wonderful qualities of these animals. Like these Manta Rays; together they make a beautiful spherical shaped movement in the water.

    Please have fun with this beach bag. Sit on the beach, look at the oceans and wonder about the life within. Be inspired to care about this life and want to protect it.

    By: www.studiomolamola.com

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To care about the survival of sharks is to care about the environment. I chose to hand make these bags out of materials that are all GOTS certified, organic and fair trade (Global Organic Textile Standard, www.global-standard.org) 

The material is organic cotton. The bag size is approximately 60cm high x 35 cm wide.