Whale Shark and Eagle Ray Placemats

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    If you share your everyday life with your loved ones, if you have them really near you, then you will know sooner when they really need you. Because being close is very, very important.

    I designed the collection of placemats and coasters “Whale Sharks and Eagle Rays” because I want you to share a little piece of your everyday life with these amazing and beautiful creatures. They’re both threatened species that need your attention and protection; this planet needs sharks and rays to keep living in its oceans.

    So if you take them home with you, you’ll not only be closer to them but you’ll be sharing their beauty and creating awareness about the help they need to survive.

    By: www.pupapop.com

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Each placemat set has 6 different models and includes 24 placemats.

The size is 42 cm x 29,7cm.

The material is paper 120 gr.