Sharks need our help!

Save Our Sharks is aimed at the protection of sharks in the entire Dutch Kingdom. By performing scientific research, communicating with politicians and fishermen, and educating the public, we aim to protect declining shark populations both on the Dutch Caribbean islands and in the Netherlands. Read more

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Shark conservation 101

Whenever we talk about shark conservation, we often mention how sharks are important to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem and that they’re threatened by fisheries and the loss of suitable habitat offering ample resources and a safe place to reproduce. This is basic information that everybody should learn. But I realize that not everybody […] Lees verder

Shark tagging in Dutch waters

Recently, the St Maarten Nature Foundation initiated a program tagging sharks in the marine park. The research is aimed at better understanding the biological characteristics of sharks in St. Maarten waters including population structure, abundance and migration. In the Dutch Oosterschelde estuary, sharks are being tagged for several years within a project by Sportvisserij Nederland. […] Lees verder


The islands of the Dutch Caribbean are home to an array of large shark species, such as whale sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, hammerheads, and eagle rays. The number of sharks around the islands has strongly declined over the past decades and many species are now threatened with extinction. And the North Sea inhabits multiple shark and ray species. Sharks are very vulnerable to overfishing and the loss of essential habitat, but they are an important contributor to the marine ecosystem and can be important to the local community as a tourism asset. One-quarter of shark species is threatened with extinction globally. It is our responsibility to act upon this problem. Read more

  • Our sharks

    Sharks are an important contributor to the ecosystem, and they are threatened on a global scale by human activity. Together, we can assure the conservation of these species for the future. Read more

  • The Kingdom


    The Dutch Kingdom consists of the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean islands, whose natural heritage is rich and diverse, with several hotspots for biodiversity. Read more

  • Shark Week

    To highlight to the community the importance of sharks, we organized Dutch Caribbean Shark Week from 2015-2018, a week of events, happening simultaneously on six Caribbean islands, as well as in the Netherlands. Read more