Save Our Sharks represented at Grachtenfestijn 2016

This weekend, the Grachtenfestijn 2016 took place in Groningen, the Netherlands. This maritime festival celebrates the city of Groningen, all whilst promoting sustainability. Save Our Sharks was invited to be there to tell people about shark conservation in the Dutch Caribbean and collect signatures for the Save Our Sharks petition. One of the event’s organizers is Rockin’ Ludina brewery, a local beer brewer that supports the Save Our Sharks campaign by serving their Jaws2 shark beer.


A generous team of volunteers came out on Saturday to help with collecting signatures in the streets.


On Sunday there was a special Save Our Sharks boat riding in the successful Canal Parade. Over 150 boats, music all along the way, and loads of people on the docks, the parade circled the entire city. The parade was themed green and white, which are the colors of Groningen and stand for a sustainable lifestyle.

The Save Our Sharks boat was manned by a ladies choir singing popsongs for the spectators.