Winston Gerschtanowitz visits Save Our Sharks

Postcode Lottery ambassador Winston Gerschtanowitz recently visited the Save Our Sharks project as part of the RTL4 television show ‘Bestemming…’. The show is about ambassadors visiting different projects supported by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Gerschtanowitz traveled to Saba and St. Maarten, where he literally submerged himself in the world of nature conservation. He observes a giant polluting landfill that is causing a major threat to nature, both on land and in the sea, and he joins on a trip out at sea to tag sharks. During the rough days at sea, the team successfully caught two tiger sharks, including a 8,5 foot large male who was aptly named “Winston”.

Gerschtanowitz also did a scuba dive with the sharks and personally witnesses their gentle nature and how the sharks are not to be feared. The presenter stated: “I didn’t scuba dive for a long time, however, today I felt totally comfortable diving with the sharks in St. Maarten. It was an awesome experience that I will remember for a lifetime!” 

The episode of ‘Bestemming…’ featuring Save Our Sharks will air on Sunday, September 10 at 11.30 PM on RTL4.