I Love Sharks selfie challenge

Show us why you love sharks!

Sharks have always had a bad image. People tend to view them as bloodthirsty monsters that spend their time preying on swimmers and surfers. Yet, the opposite is true. Sharks are usually shy animals that like to keep their distance when diving with them. So for man, they are usually pretty harmless. But they are really important for maintaining the natural balance in their ecosystem. And for many scuba divers, the chance to encounter sharks is a definite reason to travel to places where they occur, which in turn feeds tourism and the economy. So there are plenty of reasons to become a shark fan. Sharks, however, are threatened with extinction, something that their reputation does not help.

You can help improve the image of sharks with the “I Love Sharks” selfie challenge, with which you show why you love sharks. A better image will contribute to better protection. And that’s exactly what sharks need.

Will you take on the challenge? Then follow these three simple steps:  

  1. Think of why you love sharks or choose one of the reasons that we filled in.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the printed  “I Love Sharks” sign from below.
  3. Post the picture with your reason on social media using the hashtag #ILoveSharks

We will post a gallery of the best pictures on our social media, so if you don’t just want to help, but also take your claim to fame, then make an effort.

On all the events during Dutch Caribbean Shark Week in the Netherlands, you can take and share your photo in the special I Love Sharks selfie booth. 

Download and print the I Love Sharks signs here:

You can also show your support for sharks and our campaign by adding the I Love Sharks cover to your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter: